Why order drug screening?

Whether you are a small business, international corporation or individual, Lab Testing Solutions has a drug testing solution that fits your needs.  Lab Testing Solutions’ drug testing program includes multiple options. All drug tests are managed electronically for a simplified, paperless experience. Results are typically available within one to two business days.

What is the purpose of the test?

Family or Personal Needs

Probation Legal Personal

Choose this option to purchase for yourself for court, custody, personal matters, DUI, family member, etc.

*Results are strictly confidential and will only be shared with another party upon request of the applicant.

I am an Employer or H.R. Department

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Choose this option if you are ordering a test for an employee and you don’t currently have an account setup.

If you are not a client and wish to setup an account at NO COST as well as receive discounted rates, contact us here.

I am an Student, Truck Driver, etc. and will be paying

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Choose this option if you are a: student, truck driver or potential employee and your company or potential employer has required you to pay for the testing yourself and you will be reimbursed later.