Hair Drug Testing

How it works

Hair drug testing is a reliable method for detecting drug use over a longer period of time compared to other testing methods. This process involves collecting a small sample of hair, usually from the scalp, which is then analyzed in a laboratory. When drugs are consumed, they are metabolized and become part of the hair shaft. The hair sample is subjected to a series of tests that can identify various substances, such as marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and more. The advantage of hair testing is its ability to provide a historical record of drug use, as drugs can be detected in the hair for up to 90 days. This makes it particularly useful in employment screenings or legal cases where a long-term drug history is necessary. Overall, hair drug testing offers accurate and comprehensive results, making it a valuable tool in analyzing drug usage patterns.

woman in white shirt standing in front of computer
woman in white shirt standing in front of computer

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Hair Testing Methods

Quality, not quantity

Hair is used to detect drug and alcohol use, providing a long-term history by trapping biomarkers1.

Sample Collection: A 1.5-inch sample of about 200 strands of hair is ideal for testing2. Body hair can be used if scalp hair is unavailable.

Testing Panels: Various drug panels are available, including a 19 Panel, 17 Panel, and others, listing specific substances tested.

Specimen Handling: Specimen should be stored at room temperature and shipped at ambient temperature, with specific requirements for weight and storage conditions.