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Lab Testing Solutions Drug Testing Process: Your Safety-First Solution

Simple Selection: Like browsing on Amazon, choose the specific drug test that meets your needs (individual, employer-mandated, etc.).

Convenient Choice: Find a collection facility from their extensive network – pick one close to you for maximum ease.

Secure Payment: Complete your test order online with secure payment options, providing clarity and peace of mind.

Schedule with Ease: Book your appointment directly on their platform, avoiding unnecessary waiting times and fitting the test into your schedule.

Quick and Discreet Collection: Visit the chosen facility on your appointment date. The collection process is discreet, prioritizing your privacy.

Rapid Results, Convenient Access: Your confidential results are sent directly to your email, often within a short timeframe.

Proactive Tracking: Monitor the status of your lab requisition in real-time using their online interface.

Safety is Key: Much like the 80/20 rule suggests, Lab Testing Solutions isn't focused on "catching" anyone. It's about empowering you to verify safety and protect the well-being of the majority.

Trusted Compliance: All testing follows rigorous SAHMSA-certified guidelines, in place since the 90s, ensuring legal adherence and result dependability.

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magnifying glass near gray laptop computer
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Simplicity since the 90s

At Lab Testing Solutions, we believe in a unique approach to ownership where every associate shares in the success of our customers. Inspired by the Publix model, we prioritize the people who rely on us, whether for personal health knowledge or workplace safety. Just as purveyors of information, we understand the importance of providing essential services with integrity. Rather than profiting off health information, we aim for a fair return that sustains our commitment to quality. By leveraging technology and AI, we empower consumers to take control of the experience – you know what you need, we provide the simple, streamlined process to achieve it.